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Alloy Wheel Repairs Perth Archives

Our service is perfect for wheel damage that includes:

  • kerb rash – looks like a graze around the edges of your wheel
  • grazed paint
  • chipped and flaking paint

Badly Damaged Wheels

We took on a rather extensive wheel repair job last week in Perth. We don’t normally do such a big job, but this is a fine example of what can be achieved with SMART Repair techniques, so I’ve decided to share it here. We originally took this job on because the extent of damage was not clear from the original photos sent to us for a quotation. We had booked the job to be finished before 2.30pm. We had to put more hours into the job than expected and also had to extend the deadline to 6pm. Despite this setback – and all said and done – we are super happy with the results… and it was still achieved in a single day!

Get Your Alloy Wheels Repaired

Whether you have a single wheel or a full set of wheels, we can refurbish your wheels in a single day. We come to your place, or we can also arrange a workshop location if you prefer. Simple SMS photos of your wheels, or email the photos to us so we can give you a quote. Remember to send us a photo of the worse wheel, plus your location, so we can give you an accurate wheel repair quote and allow the proper amount of time for your booking.

Damaged your rims and feeling devastated? We understand…

Smart Finish repairs - making these old Lexus wheels look new again.

Smart Finish repairs – making these old Lexus wheels look new again.

We get calls every day from all kinds of people explaining the events that caused their wheel damage. Whether your wheel damage is courtesy of your spouse (who probably feels terrible right now), your kids (who are learning to drive in your car!), a random stranger (bastards) or phantom kerb (f$%k) – we know all about it.

Typical alloy wheel repairs for our Perth clients include fixing:

  • kerb rash (around the entire rim, or just a small segment of the wheel rim)
  • scraped wheels
  • grazed wheels
  • peeling paint (from a previous repair, or just an imperfection)

Alloy repairs can be required for any number of reasons – and we’ve heard them all. It’s easy to damage wheels on a sharp corner, a high kerb or an unexpected bollard. What’s more, some of our clients have had their wheels repaired multiple times because they keep re-damaging them! Why do they keep coming back? Because we do a great job, that’s why! Also, they share the same needs as you…

  • you want to maintain the resale value of your car, so it’s important to keep the wheels in good condition
  • perhaps you’re leasing a company car and you need to do repairs as part of your lease maintenance
  • maybe you spent years longing for the ‘perfect rims’ and now you finally have them, so you want them to be perfect!
  • you just hate the ugly look of scraped and scarred wheels (so do we!)

Whatever your reason, don’t be embarrassed to give us a call. We’ve heard it all!

Repairing alloy wheels

When you book our wheel and rim repair service, there are a few options. The most common scenario is that we come to your location and fix the wheel there and then. This is a convenient, same-day wheel repair service that clients love! A second option is that we can take your wheels away, repair them at our workshop and return them to you later. This pick-up/drop-off service is also super-convenient for our clients, as long as you don’t need to drive your car for a day or two.

In any case, there is a significant amount of work required in fixing a wheel. The steps include rebuilding/smoothing out the damage, repainting and refinishing. It takes as much artistic skill as it does technical skill; much of our time is spent making the wheel look perfect. The entire refurbishment process can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours each wheel, depending on the extent of the damage.

Small or Large Damage on One or More Wheels

Even if you only have damage to one of your wheels, we can still come to your location and repair the one wheel. And it doesn’t matter if the entire rim needs repairing or it’s just one part of the rim. In other words, no matter what the situation, we can help you out. Very rarely the damage can be so bad that we won’t be able to repair it. In this case, we’ll refer you to a heavy-duty wheel repair shop. While you’ll end up paying more for that kind of service, it’s money well spent, especially to have bring your car back to showroom presentation.

The right person for the job

We’re proud to operate in partnership with a few alloy wheel repair shops and mobile businesses in Perth Northern and Southern regions. We find there is so much work that we don’t really need to be in strong competition. We all help each other out. As our customer, that’s great news for you because you can rest assured you’ll get the right person for the job and won’t pay more than you need to.

If you have a wheel that needs repairing, please give us a call. Better yet, send us an SMS or email with a photo of the damaged rim and we’ll give you a fast quote!

Polished Alloy Rims – Can They Be Repaired?

Polished Rim Repairs, Perth Western Australia

What Are Polished Alloys? (Machined Rims)

Polished alloy wheels, also known as machined rims, have a distinct factory finish that makes them appear scored (or textured) and not completely smooth like non-machined alloys.

Can Smart Finish Repair Polished Rims?

Yes and No. “Yes”, we can repair the damage (remove scratches) and repaint the wheel, but “no”, we cannot re-machine the wheel. Given the nature of SMART Repairs, we do not carry a wheel-polishing machine, so we cannot re-score (re-texture) your rims. That said, we can repair some polished rims, depending on the design of the wheel and the extent of the damage.

To find out whether we can repair your wheel without re-machining, you will need to send us photos for a quote.

Example – Polished/Machined Alloy with Kerb Damage

Photo 1: BMW BEFORE - Here is an example of a machined rim with kerb damage. In this case, the rim is highly polished. Other machined rims may be more or less polished, but their original/factory finish always looks textured, not smooth.

Polished Wheel Repairs After

Photo 2: BMW AFTER - Because the damaged area was limited to the bead, we were able to achieve this result without needing to machine the wheel. We think this looks pretty good and so do our clients! When standing back from about 1/2 a meter away you can't even see the repair.

Polished Alloy Repairs Before

Photo 3: AUDI BEFORE - Polished Alloy, Light-coloured with light damage.

Polished Alloy Repairs Not Remachined

Photo 4: AUDI DURING - You can see how the repair process, which involves grinding out damage, not only removes the damage, but also removes the factory finish. The repaired area is smooth, while the original area is textured.

Polished Alloy Wheel Repairs After

Photo 5: AUDI AFTER - By painting the area using a special painting technique, we have imitated the factory machined look, without a machine. The repair is still slightly visible, but 100% better than before!

Your 3 Options for Polished Rim Repairs in Perth

  1. Get us, Smart Finish, to repair the damage and imitate the original factory/machined look without actual machining.
  2. Ask Smart Finish to repair the damage and don’t bother restoring the machined finish. Yes, that’s right! Some people could care less whether their wheels are machined or not – they just want the damage gone. If that sounds like you, we can easily grind back the damage and give you shiny, smooth wheels. This is especially useful for people with damage on all four wheels who are trying the keep the costs down.
  3. Get your rims properly re-machined. In Perth, this service is offered by Alliance Rim Repairs in Malaga. These guys do a great job and we highly recommend them. Please note you will need to either leave your car with them, or take your wheels to them for a day or two. Alliance’s repairs are more expensive, but you will get the original finish. Our repairs are cheaper, can be done at your location, and although we remove scratches we can we only “imitate” the machined look.

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