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As you’d imagine, I hear many stories behind our clients’ car damage. In fact, most days I return home from work and tell my family the “story of the day”. Today I thought I’d share with you a few little snippets of information about these kinds of stories. Obviously I can’t divulge too much information, especially when people share so many dirty car prang secrets with me!

It Wasn’t Me…

It was her! (or him!)

Scratch Repairs I did not do it

It wasn’t me!

This has to be one of the most common stories we hear. It’s always “the wife’s” fault and very often “the husband’s” fault. It can also be the son, the daughter, the neighbour, the brother, the friend. The list goes on. I remember one time I fixed a set of wheels for a man who was driving around in his brother’s car while his brother was working away, FIFO. The brother (owner of the car) had arranged for me to fix his four wheels and paid me in advance. The kicker is, the very same day I had fixed the wheels, the younger brother (borrower of the car) took the car for a drive and damaged the wheels again! You can imagine how bad he felt calling me up in the same 24 hours I had already done the repair.

You’ll Never Guess How it Happened!

Most people think their stories are unique, but I’ve heard so many stories now that I’m rarely surprised by how someone’s car got damaged. Common stories include:

Of course, many people have told me about the random letter boxes, poles and kerbs around Perth city that “jump out” from nowhere and hit their car. These things have a mind of their own. I’ve heard of so many “sightings” of these life-like objects in Perth that I’m starting to believe they actually exist!

The Worst Stories – Who’s Ripping You Off?

While I love hearing your stories, there is one particular kind of story I hate to hear – and that’s how my clients are getting ripped off. Whether it’s from an over-priced panel shop, an un-insured driver, an obnoxious person or a rip-off insurance company. Just this week I repaired a bumper for an elderly couple. They were quoted over $2000 by a panel shop to repair their bumper. They were also going to lose the use of their car for a week because they’d have to leave their car with the shop for repairs. After contacting Smart Finish, the repairs were done inside a few hours and cost less than $500. What a massive difference! For some people, our affordable service means the difference between having transport or not.

What About You?

So what’s your story? Does your car have minor cosmetic damage with a story behind it? I’m talking about scratches, scuffs, dents, crunched bumpers, chipped paint, etc. No matter how it happened or who caused the damage, give us a call. Book a day and time and we’ll arrive on time, repair the damage in a few hours and no one will know anything ever happened. It’ll be our secret.

Mobile Service Area

Service Area – North and South of the River

To save driving all over the City, we try to keep all jobs on any particular day in one area. If you live more than 30 minutes  drive from the City, you might need to wait until we can arrange a few jobs in your area to make it worth our while coming out.

North of the River Mobile Vehicle Repairs

The Smart Finish mobile van can be seen all over Perth. Despite the fact we will travel to most areas in Perth, it seems South of the River people call us more often… and we’re constantly surprised by the number of jobs South of the River! So this post is a little reminder that we also offer services North of the River, in Osborne Park,  Joondalup, Wanneroo and surrounds. Our usual list of services applies!

Joondalup & North of the River

Given that we don’t often hear from you northern suburb people, we’d like to remind you that our services are available in Joondalup and other North of the River suburbs. So don’t be shy, give us a call!

  • Joondalup
  • Wanneroo
  • Wangara
  • Woodvale
  • Ocean Reef
  • Tapping
  • Carramar
  • All surrounding Northern Suburbs

South of the River

Yes, we also travel South of the River! We especially like those southern suburbs close the City.

Book Today!

Contact Smart Finish by email, phone or use our contact form. We will ask for a photo of the damage in order to give you a quote, then we can arrange a quote anywhere in Perth – including Joondalup and Northern Suburbs – so give us a call today!

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