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Paint Repair Results: Beyond Car Touch Ups

Are you finding it difficult to locate someone who can expertly repair car paint damage? Many of our competitors are really good at repairing tiny scratches or paint chips, but are not so good at repairing more significant damage. At Smart Finish, we spend most of our days repairing damage that is medium-sized. That is, we repair damage that’s about the size of the palm of your hand and no bigger than a piece of A4 paper. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand what we do.

Examples of Very Small Paint Damage – You Can Probably Fix these Yourself

Some customers call us requesting paint touch ups for the following items. And you’d be surprised how many of our competitors will charge full rates to come do this work for you. Instead, we advise you to tackle these small problems yourself. Rather than charge you to come fix them, we actually suggest you can fix them yourself with a small bottle of touchup paint applied with a toothpick or fine brush.

  • Small stone chips (use touch up paint and a fine brush or toothpick)
  • Light scratches (try use car polish and a microfibre cloth to manually buff the scratch away)
  • Superficial scuffs (again, try the car polish)

Examples of Medium Cosmetic Damage – Call Us

In all of the following examples, if the damage size is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, we can fix it.

  • Cracked/Blistered Paint
  • Heavy Scratches (the kind that break the car’s clear coat)
  • Deep paint scuffs
  • Damaged alloy wheels
  • Cracked bumpers

In all of the above examples, we can use our SMART Repair process to strip back the damage and refinished the area, so it looks as good as new. Because we’re only doing cosmetic work (i.e. non-structural), we can do the work at the location of your choice. All we need is access to power and water.

Examples of Large Damage – Call a Body Shop

Although we receive many enquiries for repairs to accident damage – we can NOT fix this kind of damage. Anything that is structural MUST be repaired by a body shop or panel beater… preferably one approved by your insurance company. To say that again, if your car has been in an accident or collision, do not ask us for a quote.

  • We don’t repair – accident damage
  • We don’t repair – damage that is large scale
  • We don’t repair – structural damage

Smart Finish is located in Perth, Western Australia. Based near Wangara, we are a mobile service and travel to most locations in the Perth metro area including Joondalup and Northern Suburbs, Perth City, Subiaco, Nedlands, Claremont and other Southern Suburbs.

Mobile Service Area

Service Area – North and South of the River

To save driving all over the City, we try to keep all jobs on any particular day in one area. If you live more than 30 minutes  drive from the City, you might need to wait until we can arrange a few jobs in your area to make it worth our while coming out.

North of the River Mobile Vehicle Repairs

The Smart Finish mobile van can be seen all over Perth. Despite the fact we will travel to most areas in Perth, it seems South of the River people call us more often… and we’re constantly surprised by the number of jobs South of the River! So this post is a little reminder that we also offer services North of the River, in Osborne Park,  Joondalup, Wanneroo and surrounds. Our usual list of services applies!

Joondalup & North of the River

Given that we don’t often hear from you northern suburb people, we’d like to remind you that our services are available in Joondalup and other North of the River suburbs. So don’t be shy, give us a call!

  • Joondalup
  • Wanneroo
  • Wangara
  • Woodvale
  • Ocean Reef
  • Tapping
  • Carramar
  • All surrounding Northern Suburbs

South of the River

Yes, we also travel South of the River! We especially like those southern suburbs close the City.

Book Today!

Contact Smart Finish by email, phone or use our contact form. We will ask for a photo of the damage in order to give you a quote, then we can arrange a quote anywhere in Perth – including Joondalup and Northern Suburbs – so give us a call today!

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