Get Your Headlights Restored Today – Before You Get a Fine!

Are your headlights so cloudy they’re just asking for an infringement notice? Don’t worry, Smart Finish can help. Recently, we restored a pair of headlights for a client who said she was actually pulled over by the cops after she had made her booking with us (but before the work was done, obviously 😉 ). The policeman was ready to issue an infringment notice (and $150 fine) when she showed him her calendar to prove she’d already booked a Smart Finish headlight restoration service. Luckily he let her go with a warning and we were able to work our magic on the headlights. Phew!

A Before/After Example of Car Headlight Restoration

This is a mobile service and we get results like these in under 2 hours.

Headlight Renewal Perth : Joondalup & Northern Suburbs + Southern Suburbs

You’ll be pleased to know we travel all over Perth, so whether you’re in Joondalup or Northern suburbs, or south of the river, we can book in your headlight renewal service. As always, we come to you for the ultimate convenience.

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