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Not your typical vehicle repairs

As you know, here at Smart Finish, we spend most of days repairing cosmetic damage to cars. From a scratched bumper in Joondalup to a dented wheel arch in Balcatta to a set of scuffed alloy wheels in Claremont – that’s a pretty typical day! Every day is varied in both location and job type,  but sometimes we get even more variety than we expected. Here are just some of the stranger jobs we have undertaken in recent times.

  • Repair a colourbond alfresco pergola that was dented during installation
  • Paint a set of kitchen cupboard doors
  • Paint a set of plant pots to match a client’s requested colour
  • Repair a damaged fibreglass love-seat
  • Repair an air-conditioning unit/vent that was dented during installation
  • Restore a set of old, rare hub caps from a 1972 Datsun 240Z
  • Colour match paint for repairs to a damaged Counterweight on a Komatsu PC200

Check out the photos below to see some of these unusual jobs for yourself!

If you think we can help you out with repairs to an unusual object, send us some photos for a quote. You never know you’re luck! And, of course, when it comes to vehicles repairs… call us first. Bumpers, wheels, headlights and more.

Do you use a dashcam?

For a while now, the Smart Finish van has been equipped with a Dashcam. At first it was just a cheapie purchased on eBay, but recently I bought a better DashCam from a stall at Perth’s Caravan and Camping show. The main features I was after were:

  • GPS-enabled logging – to ensure the location and datetime are printed on the recorded footage at all times.
  • Excellent definition – no point having footage if you can’t even read the number plate!
  • Plug-and-Play – I’m not tech-savvy, so i just want it to work.

Ultimately, it comes down to the camera’s ability to record a number plate and a pixelated yellow rectangle won’t suffice for insurance.
Read more:

I’m happy with the unit I’ve bought and it appears to be working, but I’ve yet to bring it inside and try downloading the footage. That’s on my to-do list – just to make sure everything is working.

Given how affordable dash-cams are these days – and the crazy situation of Perth traffic – I’m surprised more people aren’t using them. If you’re keen to get one for yourself, click here to read a good dash-cam review to point you in the right direction.

And if you’re still sitting on the fence, perhaps this video of Perth roads will convince you to get your own dashcam!

The Car that Can’t be Dented

Citroen's 'Cactus'. Fancy driving around in bubble wrap?

Citroen’s ‘Cactus’ – fancy driving around in bubble wrap?

A dent-proof car? Woah! For a minute there, we were getting worried here at Smart Finish. That’s until we realised Citroen’s new dent-free car is the equivalent of driving around in bubble wrap! That, combined with the fact that most people can’t drive a stick, means we’ll be in business for a few more years.

As this recent news article says:

In a world first, the French-made Citroen Cactus has large rubber panels on the doors, with air bubbles that can absorb the impact of a runaway shopping trolley travelling at 40km/h — with 40kg of groceries on board.

Shopping trolley dents and other dings cost car owners and the insurance industry millions of dollars in minor repairs each year.

But dent removal experts say they don’t believe the Citroen Cactus will damage their business, because the car is sold in relatively small numbers — and the full size protection strips with built-in air bubbles are unlikely to be fitted to other models.

There is just one catch with the dent-free car.

You need to be able to drive a “stick shift” manual transmission to buy the cheapest version of the Citroen Cactus.

Obviously, as a cosmetic vehicle repair business, we’re happy to say we don’t think this will catch on in Australia any time soon. Especially as the article quite funnily points out:

They were not aware the word ‘Cactus’ in Australia can also mean something doesn’t work any more or has conked out, as in “she’s cactus”.

So, until you’re ready get Cactus 😉 you can call Smart Finish. We’ll help you fix your bumper dents and scratches. No worries mate.

Smart Finish is urging motorists to take care on Perth roads. As a mobile service provider, our van is on the road all the time. All too often we see competitive drivers doing arrogant things like this:

This could have resulted in a very serious accident! Unfortunately, we cannot repair serious damage caused by collisions. That kind of damage would need a panel shop or would be a total write off. (The kind of vehicle damage we repair is purely cosmetic, like paint scratches and wheel scuff repairs.)

Of course, that's not the real problem. The real problem is when someone is injured or killed, even worse if they're the innocent party.

We hope that the Government roadworks start to help things around Perth soon. 

Stay safe people.

All Vehicles Great and Small… and Weird

Here at Smart Finish, we get to see/repair/drive all sorts of vehicles. Old or new, cheap or expensive, utility or luxury. We think it’s fairly safe to say, however, that we haven’t yet repaired any of these Aussie-built cars! Check out this article for a brief history lesson.

12 weirdest cars ever built in Australia

12 weirdest cars ever built in Australia, written by Malcolm Flynn in Car News · Carsguide · 7 February 2014

12 weirdest cars ever built in Australia, Malcolm Flynn in Car News · Carsguide · 7 February 2014

With all the recent news about local car manufacturing, you could be forgiven for thinking Australia has only ever built Fords, Holdens and Toyotas. But in fact, we’ve got a long, varied – and often quite weird – car building history.

From a bugeyed oddity spawned by a company who honed their skills on washing machines and cement mixers, to a car co-designed by a motoring journalist, there are a host of strange vehicles lurking in our past. Here are some of the best…

Perhaps the most surprising car in the list is the “Goggomobile”, which – thanks to this old YellowPages advert – you might have always believed was a Scottish import. Not so according the article above!

The list of cars includes:

  • Adayer Sportiff
  • Bolwell
  • Bufori
  • Bullet
  • Giocattolo
  • Goggomobile
  • Hartnett
  • Lightburn Zeta
  • Mazda Roadpacer
  • Mitsubishi Sigma Peter Wherrett Special
  • Overlander 4WD
  • Recaro Mystere/Arcadipane Taipan

What’s Possible with Plastic Bumper Repairs

These days, most bumpers are plastic…

Every day I receive a number of quote requests for bumper repairs. Many people are actually surprised that their bumper is not made of the same material as the rest of the car and that it is actually made of plastic. This is especially common if the bumper is a colour coded plastic bumper (colour coded means it’s painted to look the same as the rest of the car.) Every now and then, I’ll receive an enquiry from someone with a chrome bumper (note: we don’t fix chrome) or with a fibreglass bumper (which we can maybe fix), but it’s far less common.

So can we fix your car’s plastic bumper?

As a SMART Repairer, we’re pretty happy your bumper is plastic. That’s because plastic bumpers are flexible, can be warmed/heated and remoulded. This makes seemingly  impossible repairs possible.

  • Dents and Dings in Plastic Bumpers: We often find a bumper dent looks worse than it is. Even a dent the size of a dinner plate can often simply “pop out” with a little heat. Don’t try this yourself though. You need an expert to do it “just right”.
  • Cracks in Plastic Bumpers: If you have a crack in a plastic bumper, we can often weld the crack back together. Sometimes we can do this while the bumper is still on your car. Other times, as shown in the photo above (of a plastic bumper repair in Perth), we need to fully remove the bumper from the car in order to get right behind it. Although this is a time consuming job, it’s still better value than replacing the bumper.
  • Scratches and Scuffs: If you have scratches and scuffs in your bumper, we can fix these too. We will sometimes use filler or just polish it to a smooth finish before we repaint it. If you have a textured plastic bumper (rough surface), we can even use a textured paint so there will be no detectable difference between the repaired area and the original finish.

If you’re in Perth, give us a call. We service the Perth metro area for all plastic bumper repairs.

Our service is perfect for wheel damage that includes:

  • kerb rash – looks like a graze around the edges of your wheel
  • grazed paint
  • chipped and flaking paint

Badly Damaged Wheels

We took on a rather extensive wheel repair job last week in Perth. We don’t normally do such a big job, but this is a fine example of what can be achieved with SMART Repair techniques, so I’ve decided to share it here. We originally took this job on because the extent of damage was not clear from the original photos sent to us for a quotation. We had booked the job to be finished before 2.30pm. We had to put more hours into the job than expected and also had to extend the deadline to 6pm. Despite this setback – and all said and done – we are super happy with the results… and it was still achieved in a single day!

Get Your Alloy Wheels Repaired

Whether you have a single wheel or a full set of wheels, we can refurbish your wheels in a single day. We come to your place, or we can also arrange a workshop location if you prefer. Simple SMS photos of your wheels, or email the photos to us so we can give you a quote. Remember to send us a photo of the worse wheel, plus your location, so we can give you an accurate wheel repair quote and allow the proper amount of time for your booking.

Scratch repairs for Luxury cars in Perth

Yes, we repair luxury cars!

It’s amazing how many people with ‘luxury’ cars think their car is too “special” to be repaired with our services. I understand that point of view somewhat: you have an expensive car, so you wan’t to look after it. You’re also often told by the dealer that you MUST return to their dealership for all repairs. But here’s something that might surprise you…

When you take your luxury car to the original dealer for ‘factory original’ repairs… the dealer often just calls me! Or one of my competitors. Or they take your car for a few days and take it down to the local panel shop. It’s very rare that a dealership has their own in-house SMART Repair team.

So that means, the wisest decision is to call us directly. You’ll save money and time and you’ll get the same high quality workmanship.

Maserati in Perth – Bumper Repairs

Here are some pics from just last week when we completed extensive bumper repairs to this Maserati in Perth.

No, we don’t forget the little guy…

Not everyone has luxury cars. In fact, most people don’t. So, while we often repair fancy cars, we also repair all make and models, even a basic Hyundai Excel or Suzuki Swift. So don’t be shy to give us a call!

As you’d imagine, I hear many stories behind our clients’ car damage. In fact, most days I return home from work and tell my family the “story of the day”. Today I thought I’d share with you a few little snippets of information about these kinds of stories. Obviously I can’t divulge too much information, especially when people share so many dirty car prang secrets with me!

It Wasn’t Me…

It was her! (or him!)

Scratch Repairs I did not do it

It wasn’t me!

This has to be one of the most common stories we hear. It’s always “the wife’s” fault and very often “the husband’s” fault. It can also be the son, the daughter, the neighbour, the brother, the friend. The list goes on. I remember one time I fixed a set of wheels for a man who was driving around in his brother’s car while his brother was working away, FIFO. The brother (owner of the car) had arranged for me to fix his four wheels and paid me in advance. The kicker is, the very same day I had fixed the wheels, the younger brother (borrower of the car) took the car for a drive and damaged the wheels again! You can imagine how bad he felt calling me up in the same 24 hours I had already done the repair.

You’ll Never Guess How it Happened!

Most people think their stories are unique, but I’ve heard so many stories now that I’m rarely surprised by how someone’s car got damaged. Common stories include:

Of course, many people have told me about the random letter boxes, poles and kerbs around Perth city that “jump out” from nowhere and hit their car. These things have a mind of their own. I’ve heard of so many “sightings” of these life-like objects in Perth that I’m starting to believe they actually exist!

The Worst Stories – Who’s Ripping You Off?

While I love hearing your stories, there is one particular kind of story I hate to hear – and that’s how my clients are getting ripped off. Whether it’s from an over-priced panel shop, an un-insured driver, an obnoxious person or a rip-off insurance company. Just this week I repaired a bumper for an elderly couple. They were quoted over $2000 by a panel shop to repair their bumper. They were also going to lose the use of their car for a week because they’d have to leave their car with the shop for repairs. After contacting Smart Finish, the repairs were done inside a few hours and cost less than $500. What a massive difference! For some people, our affordable service means the difference between having transport or not.

What About You?

So what’s your story? Does your car have minor cosmetic damage with a story behind it? I’m talking about scratches, scuffs, dents, crunched bumpers, chipped paint, etc. No matter how it happened or who caused the damage, give us a call. Book a day and time and we’ll arrive on time, repair the damage in a few hours and no one will know anything ever happened. It’ll be our secret.

This week has been a busy week for headlight restoration enquiries. One of our customers told us the story of his recent attempts to take his vehicle over “the pits” – and how the vehicle inspection had failed because of cloudy headlights.

This car's previous owner tried to restore this headlight without success; but with the SMART way, we fixed it. BMW e39

This car’s previous owner tried to restore this headlight without success; but with the SMART way, we fixed it. BMW e39

Vehicle Inspections and Your Headlights

If you’ve ever taken a car for a vehicle inspection at “the pits”, then you’ll know: they check everything! As small as it may seem, cloudy, yellowed and opaque headlights are more than just a cosmetic problem. Once headlights become opaque, their light is dimmed resulting in lowered safety… for you and other drivers on the road. That’s why a good vehicle inspector won’t pass a car unless the headlights are crystal clear.

Do it Yourself Headlight Restoration

While it’s tempting to save money and restore your headlights by yourself, there are many problems you could run into. First of all, you often need to refine/polish the headlights using a polishing machine. If you’re not familiar with using these machines, you could find the entire process messy and intimidating. Many people choose the wrong abrasive polish and end up doing more harm than good. Secondly, you’ll need to use a UV coating product. These can be difficult to use, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Cost Effective Headlight Repairs – Done for You

Considering that a headlight repair kit from your local auto store will set you back $35-$50, it’s still not “cheap” to do the job yourself. And if you value your own time, we’re willing to bet you’d rather not spend all weekend messing about with polishing machines, messy abrasives and fiddly UV coatings. That’s why we recommend giving us a call. We can make the entire process hassle free for you. From only $150/pair, your headlights will look like new in just an hour or two, with no stress and no mess to clean up afterwards.

Give us a call to organise a convenient time for your headlight restoration. For a fast quote, email or SMS a photo of your cloudy headlights (and tell us your Perth location) and we’ll reply ASAP. Talk soon!

That sinking feeling when you damage your wheels

Damaged your rims and feeling devastated? We understand…

Smart Finish repairs - making these old Lexus wheels look new again.

Smart Finish repairs – making these old Lexus wheels look new again.

We get calls every day from all kinds of people explaining the events that caused their wheel damage. Whether your wheel damage is courtesy of your spouse (who probably feels terrible right now), your kids (who are learning to drive in your car!), a random stranger (bastards) or phantom kerb (f$%k) – we know all about it.

Typical alloy wheel repairs for our Perth clients include fixing:

  • kerb rash (around the entire rim, or just a small segment of the wheel rim)
  • scraped wheels
  • grazed wheels
  • peeling paint (from a previous repair, or just an imperfection)

Alloy repairs can be required for any number of reasons – and we’ve heard them all. It’s easy to damage wheels on a sharp corner, a high kerb or an unexpected bollard. What’s more, some of our clients have had their wheels repaired multiple times because they keep re-damaging them! Why do they keep coming back? Because we do a great job, that’s why! Also, they share the same needs as you…

  • you want to maintain the resale value of your car, so it’s important to keep the wheels in good condition
  • perhaps you’re leasing a company car and you need to do repairs as part of your lease maintenance
  • maybe you spent years longing for the ‘perfect rims’ and now you finally have them, so you want them to be perfect!
  • you just hate the ugly look of scraped and scarred wheels (so do we!)

Whatever your reason, don’t be embarrassed to give us a call. We’ve heard it all!

Repairing alloy wheels

When you book our wheel and rim repair service, there are a few options. The most common scenario is that we come to your location and fix the wheel there and then. This is a convenient, same-day wheel repair service that clients love! A second option is that we can take your wheels away, repair them at our workshop and return them to you later. This pick-up/drop-off service is also super-convenient for our clients, as long as you don’t need to drive your car for a day or two.

In any case, there is a significant amount of work required in fixing a wheel. The steps include rebuilding/smoothing out the damage, repainting and refinishing. It takes as much artistic skill as it does technical skill; much of our time is spent making the wheel look perfect. The entire refurbishment process can take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours each wheel, depending on the extent of the damage.

Small or Large Damage on One or More Wheels

Even if you only have damage to one of your wheels, we can still come to your location and repair the one wheel. And it doesn’t matter if the entire rim needs repairing or it’s just one part of the rim. In other words, no matter what the situation, we can help you out. Very rarely the damage can be so bad that we won’t be able to repair it. In this case, we’ll refer you to a heavy-duty wheel repair shop. While you’ll end up paying more for that kind of service, it’s money well spent, especially to have bring your car back to showroom presentation.

The right person for the job

We’re proud to operate in partnership with a few alloy wheel repair shops and mobile businesses in Perth Northern and Southern regions. We find there is so much work that we don’t really need to be in strong competition. We all help each other out. As our customer, that’s great news for you because you can rest assured you’ll get the right person for the job and won’t pay more than you need to.

If you have a wheel that needs repairing, please give us a call. Better yet, send us an SMS or email with a photo of the damaged rim and we’ll give you a fast quote!

Colour cars for every vehicle make and model you can imagine! Let us give you a genuine, honest quote.

Colour cars for every vehicle make and model you can imagine! Let us give you a genuine, honest quote. Don’t get ripped off.

Here’s a quick tale from the trenches; a reminder to double-check panel beater quotes!

Assessing the Damage

I had a customer a few weeks ago who brought his car to me for assessment. The car had some very minor scratches on the rear bumper. Upon inspection, I knew these would be easy to fix and was happy to help him out.

What he told me next shocked me!

As I told him how minor the damage was, he in turn told me he went to 2 panel beaters in Joondalup who both told him the rear bumper needed removing and repainting! AND they told thim the tailgate ( coz it’s a ute ) would also need removing. These well known panel shops told him everything needed to be removed, repainted and then all realigned.

I was outraged to hear this. Why? Because it simply wasn’t true. The panel shops were lying to him to make a quick buck. As a small businessman and family man, I hate seeing people ripped off.

And it just wiped off…

I’m so glad he brough the car to me because I took one look at it, went to my van to get my ”magic stuff”, came back and wiped everything off!! That’s right – it just WIPED OFF! To his amazement, his car now doesn’t need repainting! (After all, it never did).

So please folks, don’t believe everything you’re told when getting quotes for cosmetic vehicle repairs. If it sounds over-priced, it probably is. And if you’re at a panel shop for minor scratches, dents and dings, you’ll probably be overcharged. Give me a call because I can repair minor damage for a fraction of the price at a location that suits you.

A NOTE ABOUT PANEL SHOPS: Please note, I am not anti-panel shop. When it comes to BIG damage, you NEED a panel shop. Many panel shops are honest and reliable. When you find a great panel shop, they’ll work wonders with your car and make it look like new. If your car’s damage is too big for my SMART repair techniques, I will refer you to a panel shop who can do a first class job at an honest price.

Is your lease car due for return?

Typical wheel arch repair before and after. This is the kind of damage we repair on lease vehicles - and the lease company is none the wiser.

Typical wheel arch repair before and after. This is the kind of damage we repair on lease vehicles – and the lease company is none the wiser.

Do you lease a vehicle (or a few!) and it’s time to return? If yes, you may be wondering what to do about the minor scratches and paint damage the vehicle has suffered. In our experience, we have seen many lease cars, especially company cars, endure a lot of wear and tear during their lease period. Unfortunately, paint damage including scratches, dents and dings is not regarded as “fair wear and tear” by most lease companies… let alone wheel damage or bumper bar dents.

What can you do before returning your vehicle?

Firstly, you can get an independent assessment of any cosmetic damage that you see (or can’t see) on the lease car. This empowers you, so you know excatly what repairs are needed. There’s nothing worse than getting an exorbitant bill from the lease company for a panel shop repair that you knew nothing about!

Secondly, you can arrange a time for us to repair the damage. We will come to your business and repair dents, dings, scratches, bumper damage and whell damage on-site. Our prices are significantly lower than panel shop or dealership repairers, so you will be saving a lot of money by repairing the damage before you return your lease car. In fact, the Perth businesses we work for on a regular basis admit that we save them thousands of dollars on charge backs every time their lease cars are dur for return. That’s because we help them return their cars in pristine condition!

Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

If you’re a lease car manager or administrator, please don’t leave repair work until the last minute. Why not schedule our services as part of your regular lease car maintenance routine! Remember, we’re pretty busy and can often be booked out 2-3 weeks in advance. So call today! Book our lease car repair services at lease 2-3 weeks before your car is due for return – that way you can relax and not worry that you’ll be forking out thousands in unecessary panel shop repairs.



Images of Recent Perth Wheel Repairs

Today we’d like to share some of the results we’ve achieved on various Perth wheel repairs. These rims are from various makes and models of cars and all rim repairs were done in a single day.

Some of our recent Perth Wheel Repairs are shown below…

Do you want rim repairs done in a day?

We find that most of our customers want their wheel repairs done in the same day. This saves the need for hire cars and other inconvenience. Most of the time, we come to you and can repair your wheels at your preferred location. If this doesn’t suit you, we can also arrange a pick up and drop off service. This involves taking the damaged wheels off your car and allowing us to take them away for repairs. We’ll return them once we’re done, to suit your schedule.

Can we fix your wheel damage?

Most of the time yes! We have written a detailed guide on whether or not we can fix your wheels, simply click the link. Please read through and you will have a great idea of how the rim repair process works. From the images above, you can see we repair dents, kerb rash, grazes, peeling paint, fading paint, scratches and more. If you’re in Perth and you’d like a quote on wheel repairs, please SMS or email a photo of your damaged rims to us. We will provide a price estimate, usually within a few hours of receiving your request.

What else would you like to know about rim repairs?

If you’re reading this and you still have questions about wheel repars and our Perth rim repair service, please leave a comment below. We’re keen to interact with you and answer your questions. If, you’d like a quote, please don’t use the blog comments box – use our standard contact form instead. We look forward to hearing from you!


Paint Repair Results: Beyond Car Touch Ups

Are you finding it difficult to locate someone who can expertly repair car paint damage? Many of our competitors are really good at repairing tiny scratches or paint chips, but are not so good at repairing more significant damage. At Smart Finish, we spend most of our days repairing damage that is medium-sized. That is, we repair damage that’s about the size of the palm of your hand and no bigger than a piece of A4 paper. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand what we do.

Examples of Very Small Paint Damage – You Can Probably Fix these Yourself

Some customers call us requesting paint touch ups for the following items. And you’d be surprised how many of our competitors will charge full rates to come do this work for you. Instead, we advise you to tackle these small problems yourself. Rather than charge you to come fix them, we actually suggest you can fix them yourself with a small bottle of touchup paint applied with a toothpick or fine brush.

  • Small stone chips (use touch up paint and a fine brush or toothpick)
  • Light scratches (try use car polish and a microfibre cloth to manually buff the scratch away)
  • Superficial scuffs (again, try the car polish)

Examples of Medium Cosmetic Damage – Call Us

In all of the following examples, if the damage size is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, we can fix it.

  • Cracked/Blistered Paint
  • Heavy Scratches (the kind that break the car’s clear coat)
  • Deep paint scuffs
  • Damaged alloy wheels
  • Cracked bumpers

In all of the above examples, we can use our SMART Repair process to strip back the damage and refinished the area, so it looks as good as new. Because we’re only doing cosmetic work (i.e. non-structural), we can do the work at the location of your choice. All we need is access to power and water.

Examples of Large Damage – Call a Body Shop

Although we receive many enquiries for repairs to accident damage – we can NOT fix this kind of damage. Anything that is structural MUST be repaired by a body shop or panel beater… preferably one approved by your insurance company. To say that again, if your car has been in an accident or collision, do not ask us for a quote.

  • We don’t repair – accident damage
  • We don’t repair – damage that is large scale
  • We don’t repair – structural damage

Smart Finish is located in Perth, Western Australia. Based near Wangara, we are a mobile service and travel to most locations in the Perth metro area including Joondalup and Northern Suburbs, Perth City, Subiaco, Nedlands, Claremont and other Southern Suburbs.

Find a Mobile Car Repairer in Perth

Are you looking for a mobile car repairer in Perth? Need a business who will come to you and repair dents, scratches and wheels at your home in a matter of hours? Smart Finish is exactly what you need.

Typical Repairs  – What we can do:

Typical wheel arch repair before and after.

Typical wheel arch repair before and after.

  • Small dents and scratches
  • Alloy wheel repairs
  • Bumper scuffs, dents and scratches
  • All plastic bumper repairs
  • Scratches and scuffs to wheel arches
  • Headlight restoration

What we do NOT do…

If your car has been damaged in an accident or collision, please call a panel beater. We only fix cosmetic damage. For this reason we do NOT repair:

  • Damage from accidents or collisions – call your insurance company
  • Large/Major dents – see your panel beater
  • Key scratches spanning more than two doors or two panels – see your panel beater
  • Large scratches and dents to bonnets and car rooftops

How to get a quote

The best way to get an accurate quote is to send us a photo of the damage to your vehicle. Simply SMS your photos to 0423667851 or email them using our contact form.

Please note we need a photo to give you a quote. Because we are so busy, we are unable to drive around providing quotes. That’s why we ask for a photo. Whether it’s a scratch or dent or you need a set of alloy wheels repaired, we still need a photo.

Get Your Headlights Restored Today – Before You Get a Fine!

Are your headlights so cloudy they’re just asking for an infringement notice? Don’t worry, Smart Finish can help. Recently, we restored a pair of headlights for a client who said she was actually pulled over by the cops after she had made her booking with us (but before the work was done, obviously 😉 ). The policeman was ready to issue an infringment notice (and $150 fine) when she showed him her calendar to prove she’d already booked a Smart Finish headlight restoration service. Luckily he let her go with a warning and we were able to work our magic on the headlights. Phew!

A Before/After Example of Car Headlight Restoration

This is a mobile service and we get results like these in under 2 hours.

Headlight Renewal Perth : Joondalup & Northern Suburbs + Southern Suburbs

You’ll be pleased to know we travel all over Perth, so whether you’re in Joondalup or Northern suburbs, or south of the river, we can book in your headlight renewal service. As always, we come to you for the ultimate convenience.

Use our easy contact form, or call 0423 667 851 today.

Mobile Service Area

Service Area – North and South of the River

To save driving all over the City, we try to keep all jobs on any particular day in one area. If you live more than 30 minutes  drive from the City, you might need to wait until we can arrange a few jobs in your area to make it worth our while coming out.

North of the River Mobile Vehicle Repairs

The Smart Finish mobile van can be seen all over Perth. Despite the fact we will travel to most areas in Perth, it seems South of the River people call us more often… and we’re constantly surprised by the number of jobs South of the River! So this post is a little reminder that we also offer services North of the River, in Osborne Park,  Joondalup, Wanneroo and surrounds. Our usual list of services applies!

Joondalup & North of the River

Given that we don’t often hear from you northern suburb people, we’d like to remind you that our services are available in Joondalup and other North of the River suburbs. So don’t be shy, give us a call!

  • Joondalup
  • Wanneroo
  • Wangara
  • Woodvale
  • Ocean Reef
  • Tapping
  • Carramar
  • All surrounding Northern Suburbs

South of the River

Yes, we also travel South of the River! We especially like those southern suburbs close the City.

Book Today!

Contact Smart Finish by email, phone or use our contact form. We will ask for a photo of the damage in order to give you a quote, then we can arrange a quote anywhere in Perth – including Joondalup and Northern Suburbs – so give us a call today!

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Polished Alloy Rims – Can They Be Repaired?

Polished Rim Repairs, Perth Western Australia

What Are Polished Alloys? (Machined Rims)

Polished alloy wheels, also known as machined rims, have a distinct factory finish that makes them appear scored (or textured) and not completely smooth like non-machined alloys.

Can Smart Finish Repair Polished Rims?

Yes and No. “Yes”, we can repair the damage (remove scratches) and repaint the wheel, but “no”, we cannot re-machine the wheel. Given the nature of SMART Repairs, we do not carry a wheel-polishing machine, so we cannot re-score (re-texture) your rims. That said, we can repair some polished rims, depending on the design of the wheel and the extent of the damage.

To find out whether we can repair your wheel without re-machining, you will need to send us photos for a quote.

Example – Polished/Machined Alloy with Kerb Damage

Photo 1: BMW BEFORE - Here is an example of a machined rim with kerb damage. In this case, the rim is highly polished. Other machined rims may be more or less polished, but their original/factory finish always looks textured, not smooth.

Polished Wheel Repairs After

Photo 2: BMW AFTER - Because the damaged area was limited to the bead, we were able to achieve this result without needing to machine the wheel. We think this looks pretty good and so do our clients! When standing back from about 1/2 a meter away you can't even see the repair.

Polished Alloy Repairs Before

Photo 3: AUDI BEFORE - Polished Alloy, Light-coloured with light damage.

Polished Alloy Repairs Not Remachined

Photo 4: AUDI DURING - You can see how the repair process, which involves grinding out damage, not only removes the damage, but also removes the factory finish. The repaired area is smooth, while the original area is textured.

Polished Alloy Wheel Repairs After

Photo 5: AUDI AFTER - By painting the area using a special painting technique, we have imitated the factory machined look, without a machine. The repair is still slightly visible, but 100% better than before!

Your 3 Options for Polished Rim Repairs in Perth

  1. Get us, Smart Finish, to repair the damage and imitate the original factory/machined look without actual machining.
  2. Ask Smart Finish to repair the damage and don’t bother restoring the machined finish. Yes, that’s right! Some people could care less whether their wheels are machined or not – they just want the damage gone. If that sounds like you, we can easily grind back the damage and give you shiny, smooth wheels. This is especially useful for people with damage on all four wheels who are trying the keep the costs down.
  3. Get your rims properly re-machined. In Perth, this service is offered by Alliance Rim Repairs in Malaga. These guys do a great job and we highly recommend them. Please note you will need to either leave your car with them, or take your wheels to them for a day or two. Alliance’s repairs are more expensive, but you will get the original finish. Our repairs are cheaper, can be done at your location, and although we remove scratches we can we only “imitate” the machined look.

Alloy Wheel Repair Perth Quote

Your Questions Answered – New FAQ Page

Frequently Asked QuestionsAfter answering the same questions over and over again… just a few too many times 🙂 , we’ve decided to put together a FAQ page.

We’ve aimed to answer all your Frequently Asked Questions on one convenient page! Whether it’s a general business question (how can I pay you?), or a repair-specific question (will the colour match?), the FAQ covers it!

I will be linking to this page in my auto-reply emails too, so hopefully new customers will be able to have their questions answered up-front.

Have a read and let us know what you think. And if there’s a question we’ve forgotten to include, tell us and we’ll update the page ASAP. You can use the comments form (link at top right) for this page to let us know.

Check it out here >> Smart Finish FAQ


Mobile Eftpos


Smart Finish is very happy to provide a mobile EFTPOS  facility with Australia’s award winning bank, St George. Making it even more convenient to our customers for purchasing our services.  Most people don’t use cheques anymore, cash is still popular but not always convenient and EFT is somewhat unreliable leaving many accounts still overdue. This puts stress on our business.

We are looking forward to using our new facility and launching it for the new year 2012

NEW! We’re excited about our new spray gun




SMART FINISH is excited to have taken delivery of our NEW SRI PRO series DeVILBISS HVLP spray gun. This is a highly engineered gun, made specifically for the SMART repair industry. It’s precision and finesse will undoubtedly prove to meet the highest quality in auto refinishing.

We all like getting new toys to play with in our various industry’s, and for us this is our new toy! The Ferrari of HVLP spray guns.

Without boring one with all the details of the SRI PRO series gun, it basically means as a repairer, we can provide the highest quality given to you “the customer” with absolute satisfaction in the end result. If we’re happy, you’re happy!

This is the 1st if our DeVilbiss guns and we aim to upgrade all our finishing guns to this reputable and high quality brand.

A little info about HVLP.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)

This is similar to a conventional spray gun using a compressor to supply the air, but the spray gun itself requires a lower pressure (LP). A higher volume (HV) of air is used to aerosolise and propel the paint at lower air pressure. The result is a higher proportion of paint reaching the target surface with reduced over spray, materials consumption, and air pollution. A regulator is often required so that the air pressure from a conventional compressor can be lowered for the HVLP spray gun.

For more info and all credits regarding this article on HVLP go to:

Headlight Sealant

Headlight Restoration Perth - After

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new headlight sealant, all the way from the USA. Our new sealant is very different from all those “conventional” type sealant kits purchased from auto stores and used by other companies. It is as rare as gold and costs the price of a fuel booster pump from a space shuttle! .

Our unique product reseals all polycarbonate lenses from disclouration after the headlight has been restored. The headlight restoration process, combined with this sealant, will add clarity and better visibility to night driving as well as looking good. Our headlight restoration process only costs $100 per pair of headlights.

Car Paint Colour Matching

New colour box

Car Colour Box

One of our 75 fan decks, This one is for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Lotus

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new colour box, making it much easier to match colours. It’s a great backup to our powerful paint software program for looking up any vehicle’s colour code. Our new colour box consists of over 75 fan decks, containing more 4000 sprayed colour & variant chips, grouped by car manufacturer, it enables us to visualize the different variant shades of original car colours without making a spray out. Getting the colour right the first time will save us time, money and mistakes.

How we match a vehicle’s colour starts from finding the paint code from the vehicle, usually on a plaque under the bonnet, sometimes in the door jam or even in the spare wheel well. Once we have found that code, it is entered into the computer to identify the colour. There are usually multiple variants of one colour and that is when our new colour box comes into play. Being told by the software that there are variants we are then sent to the colour box to identify the actual variant. After we have visually identified the coloured card against the vehicle body and confirmed the colour its time to mix. Telling the computer how much we actually want to mix, it gives us a formula where we can mix using all of our various tints in specific order to exact measurements.

But what happens if the color has faded I hear you ask? No problem, we can still tint the color out to match the existing colour.

Car Paint Touch Up Perth

NOTE: Hire our mobile service. Read our auto paint repair Perth webpage
to see what we can do for your car's paintwork.

Car Paint Touch Up PerthMobile Auto Paint Touch Ups

Smart Finish can repair a variety of paint problems anywhere in the Perth metro area. When our customers ask for paint touch up to their car, the repair typically involves one or more of the following:

  • Brush-touching tiny chips – including stone chips.
  • Spray-painting larger problems areas – including scratches from wear and tear.

Colour Matching Your Car’s Paint for the Perfect Touch Up

The Smart Finish mobile vehicle is equipped with on-board computer and colour matching software. We use the software to match paint to the manufacturer’s specifications for your car’s make, model and year. If your car is old and faded, our experienced technicians use their expertise to tint the manufactuer-specified paint colour to the correct shade. This allows us to get the perfect shade for any vehicle – no matter whether it’s metallic or non-metallic auto paint.

Does Your Car Need a Paint Touchup?

A few small chips can ruin the entire look of your car. You’d be surprised how touching up the paintwork – even small stone chips or scratches – can restore your car’s good looks.

Why not give Smart Finish a call? Our mobile auto paint touch up service Perth prices start from only $59/visit. Prices vary depending on the size of the touchup job, but you always get value for money. Your car will look better and you will add to the resale value of the vehicle.

Give us a call today!

Scratch Repair Perth

Types of Auto Scratch Repairs

NOTE: If you need our mobile service, read the scratch repair Perth page
to see what we can do for your car.
Scratch Repair Perth

Scratch Repair Perth

Smart Finish is called out to a variety of scratch repair jobs in the Perth metro area. Scratch damage typically involves one or more of the following:

  • Paint Scratch Repairs – Superficial/Shallow. This kind of damage is usually easy to fix with some careful (expert) sandpapering, followed by polishing treatments. Common causes include home-detailing with a dirty/sandy chamois, bush-bashing, children (!) and overuse of drive-through car wash.
  • Paint Scratch Repairs – Deep Scratches. Deep scratches, especially those that break through the clear coat of the car will require more work to fix. These scratches may result from key scratches (vandalism), car park damage and general wear and tear. In most cases we will repaint (respray) the area.
  • Bumper Scratches. Bumper scratches – including painted and plastic bumpers.
  • Headlight Scratches. Damage to headlight lenses.
  • Wheel Scratches. Kerb damage to alloy wheels (also called ‘kerb rash’).

Scratch Repair Perth Quote

Scratch Repair Perth – Our SMART Process

Unlike body shop repairs, mobile repairs using SMART brings the cost down. Our low pressure paint spray guns and purpose-developed technique means we can complete scratch repairs from our mobile vehicle in a matter of hours. This allows us to charge small fees for jobs that might otherwise cost thousands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scratch Repair

How much does it cost? To give you an idea, our mobile scratch repair Perth services generally range from $159/visit and up to $600 for scratches on multiple areas. From time to time we complete larger (multi-day) jobs which may cost more. When compared with panel shop prices, our scratch repair Perth service is great value for money.

How do you get the paint colour right? Our mobile service vehicles are equipped with on-board computers. The computers are loaded with software that enables us to colour match the exact paint to your car’s make, model and year.

Are the scratch repairs permanent? Yes, all repairs are permanent.

Do you have a shop front? No. All our repairs are conducted at your home or work. From time to time we will pick up your car and drop it back – but this is usually for larger 1-2 day jobs. If you think you need a pickup/dropoff service, please ask.

How long does it take? Superficial scratch repairs can take as little as 1 hour. Large scratches may take 2 hours and deep/long scratches can take 3-4 hours. The reason it takes so long is because we spend time preparing your car to create the perfect final result. We first mask up your car to protect the overall vehicle while we work. We then sand, smooth and polish to remove the damage before priming, painting, clear-coating and blending. It’s a many stage process that takes time to do well.

Why are panel shops so expensive? Most panel shops do not use SMART for their repairs. This means they will often repaint an entire panel for a small-area problem. Unlike body shops, we focus only on the small area (usually less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper) and we use specialised techniques to get a great result in a much shorter timeframe.


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Smart Finish Announces New WebsiteSmart Finish is proud to announce the arrival of our new website.

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Mobile Vehicle Repairs in the Perth Area

Although quite common to automotive businesses (car dealers, hire car companies, etc.), SMART Repairs are relatively unknown to the Perth private market. Smart Finish brings this innovative technology to Perth’s private customers – helping people to save money and keep their car looking good.

How We Save You Money

At all times, we aim to provide cosmetic vehicle repairs that save you money. Our repairs generally cost less than your insurance excess AND you get to keep your no claim bonus. You’ll also avoid paying for unecessary replacement parts. A new bumper for example could cost upwards of $1000, but with Smart Finish your bumper could look as good as new for under $250!

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