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to see what we can do for your car's paintwork.

Car Paint Touch Up PerthMobile Auto Paint Touch Ups

Smart Finish can repair a variety of paint problems anywhere in the Perth metro area. When our customers ask for paint touch up to their car, the repair typically involves one or more of the following:

  • Brush-touching tiny chips – including stone chips.
  • Spray-painting larger problems areas – including scratches from wear and tear.

Colour Matching Your Car’s Paint for the Perfect Touch Up

The Smart Finish mobile vehicle is equipped with on-board computer and colour matching software. We use the software to match paint to the manufacturer’s specifications for your car’s make, model and year. If your car is old and faded, our experienced technicians use their expertise to tint the manufactuer-specified paint colour to the correct shade. This allows us to get the perfect shade for any vehicle – no matter whether it’s metallic or non-metallic auto paint.

Does Your Car Need a Paint Touchup?

A few small chips can ruin the entire look of your car. You’d be surprised how touching up the paintwork – even small stone chips or scratches – can restore your car’s good looks.

Why not give Smart Finish a call? Our mobile auto paint touch up service Perth prices start from only $59/visit. Prices vary depending on the size of the touchup job, but you always get value for money. Your car will look better and you will add to the resale value of the vehicle.

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