alloy wheel repairs
bumper repairs
paint repairs
headlight restoration
dent removal

Can you remove/repair rust?

NO. Unfortunately, once your car has rust it’s never really gone. Also, rust is often a lot worse than it looks. Although it might look like a small rust spot, it could be much larger underneath.

My car has been involved in a collision. Can you fix it?

Generally no, however, it depends on the type of impact. If you are talking about a typical car crash, then NO. We do NOT do major repairs or any job where the safety of your vehicle may have been comprimised. We a purely cosmetic repairers and refinishers; so if your letter box decided to ”jump out” at you while you where traveling out of your driveway… then typically we can fix it, although we can’t fix your letterbox! 😉

My car has been vandalised and keyed. Can you fix it?

This is a touchy subject! In most “key” cases, we recommended you take the vandalised vehicle to a panel shop. This is because the whole side of your car may need respraying. Even if the key-scratch is short, there is a lot of work involved to “blend” the repair in, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If the key scratch crosses over more than one panel (for example, door-to-door), you will definitely need to see a panel beater or body shop. (Even though, yes we have repaired ”key” scratches before and you can see them in our photo gallery, it is a BIG job and one that we’d prefer not to do.

My bumper has a dent in it. Can you fix it?

Bumpers are our specialty! In most cases, YES we can fix it for you. In fact, we love fixing bumpers. Please note that sometimes the damage is so bad that we can’t fix it… or we may “give it a go” but won’t be able to guarantee 100%.

Some tool at a shopping centre damaged my car in the car park. Can you fix it?:

In most cases, YES. It really depends on the extent of the damage, so we still need to see the damage to give you a quote. Not surprisingly, a lot of our work is fixing car park damage caused by ”other drivers”.