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Do you need a covered area when you restore my headlights?

Yes. We need a covered area to apply the sealant (your garage is fine). We also need to drive your car out into the sun after the sealant has been applied. During the final stage of headlight restoration we apply a resin that reacts to UV light. The UV light cures the resin. We need to apply the resin away from the sun, then cure the resin in the sun! We recommended you expose the headlights to UV for the rest of the day after we have applied the resin, just to be sure it cures properly.

How long will the headlight sealant last?

Hard to say. There are too many variables that can influence the longevity of the sealant. Generally speaking though you should get 2-3 years out of it.

Why do my headlights turn yellow and hazy?

This problem is caused by the old sealant breaking down after exposure to harsh sun, wind, rain (and UV light). Today’s motor cars all have polycarbonate lenses, instead of the old glass style. This contributes to the problem.

How long after my headlights have been treated can I drive the car?

Once the headlights have been treated, the sealant must be “cured” using UV light (Sunlight is perfect!). Approximately 1 hr curing time on a medium-cloudy day is needed before you can drive the car. Please wait 24-48hrs before washing your car.

How long does a headlight restoration take?

Typically 1 to 1hr and 30 min